Slide into Life

I am Sue and as a life coach I have a wealth of experiences to help you reach your dreams and goals.

I support people who want to understand and change their lives to the better. Let me be your safe place as you learn new skills.  With no judgements, only understanding of compassion and love, we move forward together.

How may I help you?


Books and Services

Either hard copy or pdf format, I have a range of useful books, affordable and heartfelt. You can also book me for face to face consultations and team meetings.


My Blog

My writings and musings on life, smiles, frowns, gowns and authenticity and happiness.


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Watch and listen as we chat about life and all the magic that goes into making it!



A series of videos answering questions, scaffolding, sharing and learning.

Sue Gaskell Barlow

My Goals are to guide people into their true potential and to achieve their goals by finding out. Why they eat when they aren’t hungry? Why do you say Yes when you want to say No? Why do you say No when you want to say Yes? Does Anxiety stop you from Living? Stressed and Depressed? Call me now and book a one to one session on line or in person and leave that all behind as you move forward to a great future.

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