Sue Gaskell’s SURE WEIGH Healthy Eating Plan

There is no such word as can't!

Guide lines for healthy eating and confidence boosting.   You alone have the answer to your basic health, by changing the way you eat, your health instantly improves.   I invite you to read on with an open mind.

This food plan aims to encourage you to eat three meals a day; this will take time and patience so do persevere.    Use this plan as a menu and remove the word diet, from your thought pattern and life forever.  This is a reducing diet plan.

The need to reduce sugar and caffeine from our eating is becoming more and more important, as research suggests, we are, as a nation becoming dependent on certain things.    This dependency results in stress and hyper-activity or alternatively, fatigue.   These enormous mood swings create depression and each of us can do a great deal to improve our health, by changing our basic eating habits.  I promise you, I understand from personal experiences, how unhappy we can be, from feeling in and out of control, either with eating or from our emotions, this can and often does, affect the quality of life.   I know that the link with emotions and food is not something that many people have thought about, trust me, this is exciting news.

Are you addicted to sugar?

If Life hands you Lemons, make Lemonade

Sure-Weigh – Eating Plan Instructions


This menu is for you to follow, with your eating and is intended as a guide. The moment we go on a diet, our mind tells us we are being denied something and we instantly feel deprived. That is my experience, does this ring a bell of truth for you? If so, we need to listen and re-tune our own body clock, so that we eat, only when hungry.  Watch people who are naturally a healthy weight- they do this automatically.

This is a sensible healthy menu for you to choose from, and you will learn to listen to what your body needs.  You then begin to realize that you can never fill an emotional hole with food. The word diet simply means food, a new way of eating for life is your aim. 

By eating one meal, in whichever order you choose from each section and including the milk, vegetable, salad, and fat allowance, you will be consuming approximately 1,000 calories (unit of energy) per day. As your body needs at least half that again on average to maintain weight, by eating less a weight loss is likely to occur.

A golden rule – eat when hungry and stop when comfortable.  If you are still hungry and have followed the guidelines you can allow yourself two of the 100 calorie snacks extra from Section 4 of the plan and still lose weight!  You will still only be eating 1200 calories approximately.


Eat little and often.

Eat without distraction, eat slowly, use a smaller plate, and remember hunger and thirst are a similar feeling. It’s alright to leave food on your plate! Use 100% Wholemeal bread & Wholegrain pulses.

I do hope you give yourself permission to learn valuable lessons that you need to know.

Whenever you do overeat, be kind to yourself, if you succumb wait until you are hungry again – no need to blow it!

Never ever believe you have failed – the only time we ever fail is when we stop trying.

You can do anything if you are motivated enough.  You owe it to yourself!

Daily Recommendations Allowed

  1. 125g/4oz pieces of fruit OR 225mls unsweetened fruit juice.
  2. 350g/12ozs any vegetables (cooked weight) OR 150g baked beans OR 150g spaghetti (cooked weight) (Peas & Lentils only 175g/6ozs (cooked weight))
  3. 300mls/half pint skimmed or semi-skim milk or 28g/1oz low fat cheese
  4. 15g/1/2 oz of any low-fat spread or 5mls oil.
  5. A multi vitamin I mineral supplement is recommended.
  6. No sugar is included in this plan; sugar has no nutritional value.
  7. Drinks – Water, black coffee/tea,  very  low  calorie  squashes  or calorie free drinks maybe used in unlimited quantities.
  8. Water- Recommended amount to drink- 2 litres per day.

Section 1

Approx. 200 cals.

  1. 28g /1oz bread with 1 egg (size 7)
  2. 56g / 2oz kipper fillet with 1/2 oz l 15g bread
  3. 28g /1oz any breakfast cereal + 135mIs Skimmed Milk
  4. 28g /1oz lean bacon, well grilled, with 28g /1 oz bread
  5. 1 crumpet OR 28g /1oz bread with a teaspoon of jam or marmalade or Bovril/ marmite
  6. 28g /1oz bread with 28g /1oz cheese
  7. 175g I 6ozs stewed prunes OR fresh dates
  8. 2 crispbreads with an egg (size 7)
  9. 125g I 4ozs fresh fruit salad and a very low-fat yoghurt
  10. 1 egg omelette with 125g I 4ozx mushrooms, 1 ryvita

Section 2

(approx. 200 cals)

  1. Low calorie soup with 225g I 8 ozs cooked vegetables added
  2. 2 grilled chicken drumsticks with salad and 50g/ 2ozs diet coleslaw
  3. Small pizza (150 cals) and salad
  4. 56g I 2ozs bread roll and low cal soup
  5. 28g I 1oz bacon grilled and I egg (size 7)
  6. 1 low fat sausage and 1 egg (size 7)
  7. 3 grilled fish fingers and salad garnish
  8. 225g I 8ozs of cauliflower with 28g I 1oz grated low fat cheese grilled on top
  9. 200g can of Ravioli I Spaghetti
  10. Grilled potato waffle and an egg ( size 7)
  11. 1 low fat burger and salad
  12. 2 egg omelette (size 7) and salad garnish
  13. 1 fish in sauce with 125g I 4ozs green vegetables
  14. Any ready meal or convenience meal up to 200 calories
  15. 25g I 4ozs jacket potato and salad garnish with

“ONE” of the following: –

  • 28g I 1oz low fat cheese
  • 125g I 4ozs baked beans
  • 125g I 4ozs low calorie coleslaw
  • 56g I 2ozs tuna in brine
  • 125g I 4ozs cottage cheese
  • 1 tablespoon chilli

16. 28g/1oz of bread toasted with “ONE” of the following: –

  • 150g / 5ozs baked beans
  • 225g I 8ozs tinned tomatoes
  • 28g /1oz low fat cottage cheese
  • 150g I 5ozs of spaghetti
  • 28g / 1oz of bacon
  • 225g I 8ozs grilled mushrooms and tomatoes

17. small pitta bread with salad or 2 crispbreads with 50g I 2ozs avocado

18. 56g/ 2ozs bread and any salad garnish with “ONE” of the following

  • Low Calorie Soup
  • 1 Cream cheese triangle
  • 15gI   ½oz low fat cheese
  • 28g I 1oz lean ham
  • 28g I 1oz beef
  • 28g I 1oz meat paste
  • 28g/1oz chicken
  • 28g /1oz tuna
  • 28g 1oz low fat pate

19. 4 x 25 calorie crispbreads and salad garnish with “ONE” of the following:-

  • 125g I 4ozs cottage cheese
  • 1 egg ( size 7)
  • 1 cream cheese triangle
  • 28g I 1 oz low fat cheese
  • 28g I 1oz meat paste
  • 28g I 1 oz lean meat

20. 28g/1oz bread for open sandwich, with salad garnish, and “ONE” of the following: –

  • 1 egg ( Size 7)
  • 125g /4ozs c. cheese
  • 56g  /2ozs sardines
  • 28g I 1oz lean ham
  • 56g I 2oz prawns
  • 56g I 2oz chicken
  • 28g /1oz corned beef
  • 28g /1oz low fat cheese
  • 84g I 3oz pilchards

21. 250g /8ozs salad with 56g /2 ozs of any lean meat and 1 tblsp low calorie dressing

22. 2 x 125g I 4oz piece fresh fruit and 2 low calorie yoghurts

Section 3

(approx. 300 cals.)

CHOOSE:         Vegetables from daily allowance

AND:                1 tablespoon of gravy or low calorie salad dressing

AND:                150g I 5 ozs potatoes (uncooked weight)

OR:                   1 small roast potato

OR:                  28g I 1 oz (dry weight) rice

OR:                  28g I 1oz (dry weight) pasta

N.B. 28g /1oz dry weight=84g cooked weight

With any ONE of the following : –

  • 84g/3ozs beef
  • 84g/3ozs gammon
  • 84g/3ozs turkey
  • 84g/3ozs lamb chops*
  • 56g /2ozs  bacon
  • 84g / 3ozs pork

N.B * = Raw Weight

  • 84g /3ozs  lamb
  • 84g / 3ozs liver
  • 84g / 3ozs chicken
  • 2 low fat sausages
  • 56g / 2ozs lean ham
  • 84g / 3ozs chicken roll/shaved ham
  • 112g / 4ozs pork chop
  • 84g /3ozs minced beef
  • 2 low fat burgers


  • 56g/2ozs (dry weight) red kidney beans  9.  56g/2ozs mackerel or roe
  • 56g/2ozs (dry weight) pulses or beans 10. 84g/3ozs red salmon
  • 165g/6ozs white fish or tripe
  • 3 fish fingers
  • 2 eggs (omelette) (size 7)
  • 84g/3ozs (dry weight) soy beans
  • 2 fish cakes
  • 40g/11/2ozs cheese (any)
  • 1 individual fish in sauce
  • 56g/2ozs (dry weight) lentils
  • 56g/2ozs (dry weight) chick peas 15. 112g/4ozs pink salmon or
  • 160g/5ozs trout (raw weight) tuna

OR Any ready meal recipe, or convenience food, of 300 calories. With vegetables from daily allowance excluding potatoes.

84g/3ozs roast pork Or 175g pork chop, well grilled

  • 84g/3ozs jacket or boiled potatoes
  • 1 level tablespoon of stuffing
  • 2 tablespoons oxo gravy
  • Vegetables from daily allowance

150g/6ozs grilled cod or haddock or plaice

  • 125g/4ozs jacket or boiled  potatoes
  • Vegetables from daily allowance
  • 2 tblsp parsley sauce made with skimmed milk

84g/3ozs sardines or pilchards (not in oil)

  • 125g/4ozs jacket or boiled potatoes
  • Vegetables from daily allowance

84g/3ozs lean gammon grilled

  • 1 pineapple ring (unsweetened)
  • Vegetables from daily allowance
  • 2 tblsp parsley sauce made with skimmed milk           ·

Spaghetti Bolognese  for 1 person made as follows:

  • 84g/3ozs lean mince
  • 56g/2ozs tomato puree
  • 56g/2ozs each onion, capsicum and mushrooms
  • 56g/2ozs spaghetti (dry weight)

56g/2ozs lean roast lamb or 84g grilled lamb cutlet

  • 125g/4ozs jacket or boiled potatoes
  • Vegetables from daily allowance
  • 2 tablespoons oxo gravy or 2 tblsp unsweetened mint sauce

125g/4ozs grilled liver with boiled onions

  • 125g/4ozs jacket or boiled potatoes
  • Vegetables from daily allowance

84g/3ozs lean roast beef

  • 1 small Yorkshire pudding
  • 84g/3ozs jacket or boiled potatoes
  • 2 tablespoons oxo gravy
  • Vegetables from daily allowance

125g/4ozs chicken or turkey

  • 125g/4ozs jacket or boiled potatoes
  • Vegetables from daily allowance
  • 1 tablespoon of stuffing
  • 2 tablespoons of oxo gravy

1 small pizza portion

  • 150g/5ozs jacket or boiled potatoes
  • Vegetables from daily allowance

1 egg (size 7) or 2 fish fingers or 2 low fat sausages

75g /3ozs oven chips

  • 2 tablespoons peas

Section 4 Say Yes To Life's Experiences

(approx.  100 cals)

These may be added to other meals if


  1. 1. 112g/4ozs potatoes
  2. 28g/1oz pasta (dry weight)
  3. 28g/1oz rice (dry weight)
  4. 28g cheese OR 1 egg (size 7)
  5. 28g breakfast cereal
  6. 28g bread PLUS 1 cheese spread triangle
  7. ½ pint skimmed milk (300mls)
  8. 1 tablespoon canned OR packet sauce mix
  9. 2 LC Soup

Puds and Afters

  1. 1 crumpet and 1 level teaspoon jam
  2. 1 small packet chips ( any flavour)
  3. 56g/2ozs ice cream OR 1 ice lolly
  4. 2 low fat yoghurts OR 1 small banana
  5. 225gl8ozs berries, grapes OR fresh fruit salad
  6. 2 x 125g/4ozs pieces of fresh fruit



Sweet Treats

  1. 1 natural low fat yoghurt
  2. 1 packet chewing gum OR 2 boiled sweets
  3. 1 sugar free jelly and 1 low calorie yoghurt
  4. 1 small kit kat OR 1 small milky way
  5. 1 of any ‘FUN SIZE’ choc. Bars (ie mars bar OR marathon)
  6. 2 plain OR 1 sweet biscuit
  7. 1 shortbread biscuit (28g) OR 1 chocolate biscuit
  8. 1 thin slice bread 1 teaspoon jam


  1. 1. 2 teaspoons drinking chocolate with 11Om / 5 fluid ozs skimmed milk
  2. 2 x 125g I 4 fluid ozs fruit juices (unsweetened)
  3. 1 liqueur
  4. 330mls I ½pint beer
  5. 330mls /½pint lager
  6. 330mls /½pint cider
  7. 1 pub measure of wine
  8. 2 pub measures of spirit
  9. 2 LC choc drinks 40 cals each
  10. 1 3 tomato juices  x 150mls I 4 fluid ozs

© Copyright Sue Gaskell