It’s never been a better time because now is all we ever HAVE. Let’s realise and wake up to the awareness of the present moment and stop living in the past with all its regrets. Yesterday is gone.
Memories are beautiful let the rest go.
Tomorrow never comes with it’s worries and fears.
It’s time to face the reality of who creates your well being. That’s right the only person who can do that is YOU.
Your Spirituality is yours mine is mine. If you believe you live and die and that’s it then have faith in yourself. Full stop.
You can live from an open loving heart or from your head full of facts. You can be open or closed. Right or wrong. Negative or positive.
What isn’t possible is to believe you don’t want to change and then wonder why your life stays the same. Life is exciting. Life is tough. Life is full of ups and downs. Its a journey get it?
Peeks and troughs straight road winding roads and its never going to go the way you planned it. Know why?
Because we are not in control we just think we are! Then we wake up hopefully. If life was just about you then things would be slightly different. You see the world we are in gets by very well without us until we decided to try and change things.
Maybe you could be open and curious enough to want to understand yourself and then others
What is this blog about?
It’s about understanding. compassion, common sense, and Wisdom amongst other things.
To love without fear ruling your every decision is to be free. To see from the eyes of an innocent child is to live in awareness and to be curious.
Then we are conditioned and our programming begins. This drama this computer called our minds is not who we are. This 24 hour chatterbox never gives up and always wants to control. We do not have to listen to the story our mind tells us and it’s myths.
This is brilliant news. We have options. We have choices and we can slow down and Breath.
A simple question if you have read this so far.

What do you need to make you happy?
What do you want to make you happy?
What is the difference for you to the above two questions?

There are no right or wrong answers. There is just a genuine inquiry between you and yourself.
If you wish to share or comment that is your choice This is something that I have found is a helpful exercise and was life-changing for me. It is something that I do when I am uncertain about something. I find different answers sometimes and I always check my intention at that time. I reflect or meditate because egos’ intention can mislead me.
It is paramount for me to stay on the path of my Souls journey of Unconditional Love to sustain me through this human life.
I search for truth from a place of Love and realize fear is the virus within and I feed the Love more and the fear has less chance of destroying my peace.
I stay curious and aware.I question, listen, and learn thereby gaining Wisdom which is open to all of us and our inherent birthright.
Sending loving energy
to you the reader on this adventure of Life.

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