Are you scared?

Are you scared? Do you feel a failure? Is everything your fault? If so this is for you

One analogy of the word Fear is this.


IT is always fear dear reader Fear primarily that keeps us stuck. That chatterbox inside of our heads that always beckons us.

Fear that keeps us locked inside our smaller selves in the ego programming.

Love is the greater energy within each of us and we have to accept and learn to love ourselves in a healthy non exotic way.

I have learned so many new skills over my earthly life journey. Now my life has changed for ever. I am free to choose.

I now have the privilege of teaching others who are ready to look within for their answers. Self development is an amazing understanding of the false self and when understanding and wisdom arises we make the shift to awareness.

Let me guide you and inspire you to gain the tools you need to move forward. I am constantly aware of how brave we all are and being part of the process as people free themselves from their limited thinking is my greatest joy and my calling. If you are ready go to my website and the shop to join a group. You will never regret it

Sue Gaskell-Barlow

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