The paperwork verses the Life’s experiences.

I have the qualification of Life coach going to the Life coaching academy in Surrey in The UK. It took time money and dedication over fifteen years ago.

I have the qualification of Life’s experiences learning my lessons because Life was not working for me. I was trying to go it alone instead of listening to the still small voice inside called spirit which part of the whole as we learn to surrender control and trust this voice.

I turn up and guide from a place of pure love. Knowing we have both Fear based Love and Spirit based Love gives us the ability to have choices. The qualification of wisdom from life’s experiences in this physical body spanning into this 72nd year I know for difference and for sure this is a gift from God from that place of Love our pure loving essence .

Intuition is a guide from the intuitive self of pure love whereas Fear is a man made concept. Power from the intuitive self is the truth and feeds our Loving energy centre. Fear evolves from an inferiority complex and is not negative.  This energy is an inner egotic fear digested from life’s experiences which creates an inner lack of trust.

Being mindful without judgment is freeing and grows beautiful spirit feeding it unconditional love. As I see the control which is subtle from individuals who think they are authentic this hurts my heart and is of genuine concern. In the world there is so much that needs addressing. So much to know and learn from nature if the earth has a chance of surviving we each have to do our part. The need to accept and Love ourselves with truth within the individual is necessary. We are in denial fearful and hide the truth about our behaviour from ourselves. Quote” If I tell you who am I need I need you to be real. I am on a journey and in order to move forward I need you to not add shame to my shame.If I tell you of my inner struggles in an effort to be free, will you be real and share who you are? I need this honesty in order to be me” quote from Sue Gaskell. (Guided by the amazing John Powell in his book Who am I)

So many times I see peer pressure feeding fear from a platform of control  and manipulation. Individuals seeking validation from their peers becomes they are subconsciously lost and confusing even themselves thinking this is genuine care.

The way forward to the authentic spiritual self is to accept the truth from a place of awareness. This self within is waiting in the still silence quietly without judgment.

Judging and making a judgement are not the same. Control and guidance are subtle and very different. When you realise the difference you will know. When you,know you know.

It is from this authentic human self as the journey unfolds that all is revealed in a moment of sheer Joy. Nothing is ever the same again Nothing.

From this moment the ego is exposed and we meet and embrace our spirit and the unconditional love that we are.

Once aware and mindful we are free and  allow others to do the same. Free to explore and find the Truth the one and only truth from a place of Love. We are not the story we tell ourselves. That story tells us a pack of lies that dictates and robs us of free choices and growth.

We trade in our true authentic self and pretend we are real. The story continues weaving a web of lies we somehow justify to ourselves. The corruption begins and continues and in the deepest place within we know we are living a lie. We have decided to settle for things loving them more than people and sadly we know it is a sham. Thus the cycle continues. Ask yourselves a question in the still silence of the moment.

Who am I?

Now ask who is asking that question?

 Sue Gaskell Barlow 🌹

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